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Easter Holy Week in Lourdes

Our very first #pilgrimage was this time last year; #EasterHolyWeek to #Lourdes with the group leader Mrs Gonzales. Thank you for all of you who joined us and gave us your support.

We didn't tell you but.. many people tried to throw a spanner in the works. It didn't deter us one bit. The Blessed Mother helped us miraculously.

One year on ... we remained resolute - preparing to retrace the same trek and hope to receive the graces from Our Lady as we did last year.

If you are fasting during Lent, perhaps it is not a bad idea to continue your dedication on the coach! We'll spend the Maundy Thursday travelling and the Good Friday in #Lourdes, the Holy Saturday for your own private reflection and celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord on Sunday in Lourdes, and return to London, an overnight journey. (We are not stopping in Paris this time).

Our company rep Tony will be with you throughout the pilgrimage. He's an absolute treasure of our team and has been to Lourdes more than he's been back to his home county - Ghana. Mrs Gonzales is also with us and she'd be as cheerful as ever.

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