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Dear friends,

Warm greetings from the family of St. Peter's Pilgrimages. 

We invite you to join us in prayer for a brief moment.

Like many of our pilgrims, we lost a family member of ours.  Some of our pilgrims are not answering their phone any more.  May they rest in eternal peace with Our Lord.


We would like to tell you that we are more determined than ever, to continue our work, make friends, glorify the message of Christ and spread our wrings to inspire.  We will continue to count every blessing and stop moaning about trivial matters. 

If there's one thing that we learnt as a family during the Covid; we can now begin to contemplate to try to forgive our worst enemies.  (Hard.. but we'll try).  Our Father once said to us ...​

"A new commandment I give unto you,

that you love one another as I have loved you.

By this will all men know

that you are my disciples."

Our logo represents the Holy Spirit (the bird), a sky-blue representing the Sash of Our Lady of Lourdes, purple to the Church and a bright Orange shines upon all our pilgrims for a safe, spiritual and blessed pilgrimage throughout.

We thank you for all your support over the years.  Also, we'd like to ask your prayer for us because we trust in the goodwill of our friends.

With Blessings from….
Mo, Su & the family of St. Peters Pilgrimages

P.S: The Diamond House in Richmond is our Head Office where we receive our pilgrims/clients and Kemp House in the City is the registered office for mail forwarding purpose only.

Thank you. We'll get in touch with you shortly.

Office Hours            10:00am - 6:00pm [Mon - Fri]

                                    8:00am - 12:00 noon [Sat]

                                    Closed on Sundays

Directions                Do make an appointment before you pay us a visit. Thank you.

                                    By Car - Parkings are available free of charge from 30min / 1 hour / all day.

                                    You can park freely in the streets near Diamond House.

                                    National Rail or District Line (Tube) to Richmond Station and
                                    By Bus 190, 419 or R68 to Mortlake road.

                                    Diamond House is at the corner of Clifford Ave and Lower Richmond road. 

                                    You can also take BUS 190 or 419 from Hammersmith to Mortlake Road.



Our Inspiration ...

Meet The Team


Mo Lynn

  • Mo Lynn

Recently retired from doing nothing. He is based in Richmond office. Doesn't like to start early. If you are paying him a visit, best to catch him about lunch time. Don't let him talk too long, he tends to repeat the same thing over and over and over again... 


Suu Wynn

  • Suu Wynn

Mostly in Kingston. She is a superb organiser with attention to details.

She has a talent of making friends instantly wherever she goes.

An early bird with full of energy.

We are still trying to convince her to retire from her day job - join the family and be a pilgrim for life.


Tony Mensa

  • Tony Mensa

Happily married with children and grand children.

Tony the Rock (Mensa) is a gift to the family. He has a wealth of experience in hotel & hospitality management for many years. He brought us professionalism, stability and a good sense of humour that we all cherish.

+44 (0) 208 947 6369 [Kingston]
+44 (0) 203 773 5115 [Richmond]

+44 (0) 780 737 5061 [Office Mobile]

Diamond House
179 Lower Richmond Road

Richmond, Surrey

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